MC / Host

Mike, aka Motor Mouth Mike, hosts it all. His experience includes live events, live television, talk radio, industrial films, commercials, concerts, game shows, theme parties, conventions, cruise ships, and, yes, even stand up.

Mike’s personality fits in at any event. He has the energy for hosting sporting events, while the natural curiosity to present any subject matter to an audience. He has the experience using a teleprompter, but also the confidence conducting live interviews.

Mike’s personality is perfect to make on-camera productions sizzle and to give every viewer a real sense of being involved.

Mike prides himself on being low maintenance, “plug and play”, and a catalyst that will take any event to the next level. Whether your event is live, on camera, both, or “it’s complicated,” Mike has the one-of-a-kind personality and professional demeanor to make the event a hit. He can follow your script, or can fill the time entertaining with his own bag of tricks. With hundreds of events on his resume, there is plenty of video. Just ask!